Pyramid Healing

Meditation in the Pyramid naturally balances and aligns the chakras and meridians. Used on a regular basis for meditation and healing it helps to protect from astral influences or energies, de-crystallize negative patterns or habits and truly heal mind, body and emotions.

The meditation pyramids are built to a precise 51 degree angle which is found in the Great Pyramids.  This helps enhance the sacred energy patterns of the Earth: “When meditating in the Pyramid it aligns the reality of Earth, the energy of the vibration of Earth in all of its sacredness, its merit, its goodness. Just like in a great temple, it slowly brings out that geometric proportion and increases your Soulful receptivity.

The pyramid is a temple where sacred proportions relate to both the human form and the sacred geomancy of the Earth and its relationship to the Moon, Sun and Cosmos.  The applied geomancy of the truth of awakening: The Pyramid is a very divine, sacred geometric structure. As a human being, even as a tree or a flower, everything is based upon this design.

All over the world people practice meditation in a restful and peaceful place. The Pyramid creates the same spiritual realm as a Temple or Mandala. Practicing Meditation in the Pyramid improves telepathic communication, and improves all other aspects of personal life: relationships become deeper, the personality becomes more honest and humble, and other members of the family and those connected with you benefit. Meditating in a pyramid aligns you and the reality of Earth to a proper relationship with God and nature. Once the pyramid system is set up and aligned due north to the magnetic field of the planet, it becomes activated and radiates blessings within a 100 mile radius. The longer the Pyramid is set up the greater the Earth’s prana, the Planetary Soul, can be radiated, creating a powerful tool for Personal & Planetary Healing.









Pyramid healing with Guy will cost £50 per session.