Penny Wilson
I have just experienced amazing healing with Guy under the Pyramid………. So powerful xx Thank you xx.
Jolanda van Kampen
It was an experience for me, and realising that this beautiful healing is not to put into words “Power, trance state like, strong, warm, deep relaxation, other field. Thank you dear Guy xx
Piet v.d. Egkhaf
I’m glad that I booked a double session.I feel myself relaxed but most of all joyful and happy. I already feel better and I’m happy that I can do tonight what I would like to do.
Linda de Hart
Thank you so much for the wonderful healing! I will be great again. Hope to meet you in the future. Thank you so much for everything. It was a beautiful experience.
Carla Tiebie
Thank you so much for everything. It was a beautiful experience
Marjolein Vis
Love you, thank you, looking forward to seeing you in Spring time
Nicole Dils
Thank you so much! It is amazing what you do. I’m very thankful for meeting you and experience for the first time your great work. Can’t wait to meet you again lots of love for you and your beautiful lady
Anita Rozema
Thank you Guy it was amazing, I feel much better! It was beautiful! Thank you.
Brigitte Schuytilet
Thank you Guy. It was quite a experiment. Feel like a lift up, more power and I feel the working in my body.
Thank you for this beautiful. I’d the most relaxing time with sometimes a little shock, you’re amazing. Really curious about what my mind and body will do for the next couple of days/months/years. If you’re back in Holland I’ll be back as well. Thanks
When I came today, I had feelings of struggle and pain. Now after my experience in the Pyramid today, I’m feeling a wonderful emotional warmth. I now feel positive in moving on with my life……………. Thank you so much
The experience today was amazing. The feeling of a calm warmth and at one point I felt like I was floating down the water while listening to it in the meditation music. What an incredible energy, I will definitely partake in this again.
Thank you Guy for an amazing experience. A real bonus to all else I have received at HEHS. I would love to have another Pyramid healing………. I feel great !!!!
A very gentle healing experience. It seemed to clear somethings. I feel very energised afterwards.
Amazing, full of gratitude for an incredible session.
A peaceful, floaty feeling. I feel very calm and content.
Very good feeling, cleared my head and now have more energy.
Really lovely, relaxing experience.
Very relaxing experiencing. I felt heat move up through my body
I quite unwell before, but after totally cleared. An amazing experience, very calm and peaceful.
Towards the end it was like the Sun had come out and an ice cold breeze was blowing down on my head.
Immensely powerful experience that has left me feeling relaxed, empty and recharged……………………… all at the same time !!!!!
I felt gentle shifts back and forth, left and right during the treatment. Afterwards I feel clear, bright, settled, still but awake.
Nikki Martin
A dear friend helped with Guy’s contact. I’d explained that for two weeks I’d been in severe pain to my shoulder and could not raise my arm at all. After a couple of weeks of pain the intensity had grown so that I was forced to take very strong pain killers – something I do not do!

Since I live in Canary Islands I’d resigned myself to continued pain killers and looking for a decent physio/chiropractor or osteopath to relieve matters. However on the evening after our conversation, for no accountable reason I was pain free, still limited movement but pain free! Speaking to my friend she told me that Guy had completed some pyramid healing. Quite Amazing! The next morning I felt deep intense heat in both the palms of my hands, again to only find out that Guy had focused more healing for me. Still pain free it is such a relief and I’m now getting moved within the arm.

Who would have thought that pyramid healing techniques might work over such a distance! A huge thank you to you Guy.

David Rees
Wonderful workshop. Well presented. The weaver is really powerfull – Thanks you.
Sarah Belton
I had one hypnotherapy treatment with Mr Guy Taylor earlier this year. I had discussed my fear of needles and blood tests with him prior to having hypnotherapy which originated from a bad experience during my first pregnancy 26 years ago. A nurse attempted to take blood unsuccessfully from each arm causing me pain and distress and also I have never liked the sight of my own blood and I fainted. Unfortunately, this episode caused me a real fear and anxiety whenever I have had to have blood tests done. Even the words “blood test” had an ill effect on me and l would break out in a cold sweat at the thought. lf any of my three children needed blood tests I would have to ask my husband to take them as there was a possibility of me fainting and I wasn’t even having blood taken!

I was able however to have injections as long as I didn’t look at the needle. Guy made me feel completely at ease during the hypnotherapy session and I was able to relax. He gently explained the procedure fully and proceeded to talk me through. He remained professional throughout on the day and kindly contacted me a couple of days later to make sure I was ok. I remember saying to him afterwards. I wish I could have a blood test now to see if it has worked.

Sarah Belton
I May of this year (2016) I suffered an acute asthma attack and was in A and E department it East Surrey Hospital for ten hours. I spent the next 24 hours on nebulisers and drips. I also had to have many blood tests including one into the artery in my wrist as my veins were not responding. I watched each blood test and was fine, even when the asthma had improved, I could still watch needles going into my skin and veins. My husband was amazed as he was by my side throughout this ordeal and he knows how I have reacted in the past, usually fainting before I left hospital I watched the cannula being removed from my had and because of a great pressure which had built up whilst Drips had been infused, a lot of blood spurted out over the nurse and the bedding. Usually I would have been in a traumatic state at seeing my own blood and also needles, but miraculously l was fine. I cannot thank Guy enough for helping me with this phobia and I look forward to further treatments with him regarding my phobia of spiders. I would definitely recommend Guy as a caring and professional Hypnotherapist.

Christine Sinden
I have received several hypnotherapy sessions with Mr Guy Taylor where I requested help in reducing my intake of sugar to help my diet. After three sessions I was focussing on my craving for sweet drinks and food and was able to make possitve choiced about not having sugar in my tea and not choosing desserts. I have been able to continue with this after my first sessions about ten months ago. I have changed my taste in food and actually choose savory food over sweet food most of the time and when I do have sweet food, I can control my intake easily. Mr Taylor works ion a very professional and considerate way and I felt comfortable with his work and advise.

Lynsey Kirten
Amazing Workshop, really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you.

Michelle Bennett
Excellent worokshop with genuine people sharing knowledge.