Nikki Martin
A dear friend helped with Guy’s contact. I’d explained that for two weeks I’d been in severe pain to my shoulder and could not raise my arm at all. After a couple of weeks of pain the intensity had grown so that I was forced to take very strong pain killers – something I do not do!

Since I live in Canary Islands I’d resigned myself to continued pain killers and looking for a decent physio/chiropractor or osteopath to relieve matters. However on the evening after our conversation, for no accountable reason I was pain free, still limited movement but pain free! Speaking to my friend she told me that Guy had completed some pyramid healing. Quite Amazing! The next morning I felt deep intense heat in both the palms of my hands, again to only find out that Guy had focused more healing for me. Still pain free it is such a relief and I’m now getting moved within the arm.

Who would have thought that pyramid healing techniques might work over such a distance! A huge thank you to you Guy.


David Rees
Wonderful workshop. Well presented. The weaver is really powerfull – Thanks you.


Sarah Belton
I had one hypnotherapy treatment with Mr Guy Taylor earlier this year. I had discussed my fear of needles and blood tests with him prior to having hypnotherapy which originated from a bad experience during my first pregnancy 26 years ago. A nurse attempted to take blood unsuccessfully from each arm causing me pain and distress and also I have never liked the sight of my own blood and I fainted. Unfortunately, this episode caused me a real fear and anxiety whenever I have had to have blood tests done. Even the words “blood test” had an ill effect on me and l would break out in a cold sweat at the thought. lf any of my three children needed blood tests I would have to ask my husband to take them as there was a possibility of me fainting and I wasn’t even having blood taken!

I was able however to have injections as long as I didn’t look at the needle. Guy made me feel completely at ease during the hypnotherapy session and I was able to relax. He gently explained the procedure fully and proceeded to talk me through. He remained professional throughout on the day and kindly contacted me a couple of days later to make sure I was ok. I remember saying to him afterwards. I wish I could have a blood test now to see if it has worked.


Sarah Belton
I May of this year (2016) I suffered an acute asthma attack and was in A and E department it East Surrey Hospital for ten hours. I spent the next 24 hours on nebulisers and drips. I also had to have many blood tests including one into the artery in my wrist as my veins were not responding. I watched each blood test and was fine, even when the asthma had improved, I could still watch needles going into my skin and veins. My husband was amazed as he was by my side throughout this ordeal and he knows how I have reacted in the past, usually fainting before I left hospital I watched the cannula being removed from my had and because of a great pressure which had built up whilst Drips had been infused, a lot of blood spurted out over the nurse and the bedding. Usually I would have been in a traumatic state at seeing my own blood and also needles, but miraculously l was fine. I cannot thank Guy enough for helping me with this phobia and I look forward to further treatments with him regarding my phobia of spiders. I would definitely recommend Guy as a caring and professional Hypnotherapist.


Christine Sinden
I have received several hypnotherapy sessions with Mr Guy Taylor where I requested help in reducing my intake of sugar to help my diet. After three sessions I was focussing on my craving for sweet drinks and food and was able to make possitve choiced about not having sugar in my tea and not choosing desserts. I have been able to continue with this after my first sessions about ten months ago. I have changed my taste in food and actually choose savory food over sweet food most of the time and when I do have sweet food, I can control my intake easily. Mr Taylor works ion a very professional and considerate way and I felt comfortable with his work and advise.


Lynsey Kirten
Amazing Workshop, really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you.


Michelle Bennett
Excellent worokshop with genuine people sharing knowledge.